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UPDATE: Fortnite developer Epic Games has deleted all of its tweets, further adding to speculation that this is the end for Battle Royale.

However, don’t despair too much, because Elon Musk hasn’t shut down the game and numbers have started to appear in the space surrounding the Fortnite black hole.

This would suggest that a map change is imminent, so stay tuned for more information.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite’s huge season finale event has certainly lived up to its name.

Indeed, based on the spectacular scenes that have taken place live in-game, it looks like this really is The End for Fortnite.

The End event, which was expected to usher in Chapter 2 and a brand new season, kicked off at 7pm UK time on October 13.

As the countdown timer hit zero, the rocket launched and the entire map was sucked out of existence.

Fans were left staring at a black hole, which has remained ever since.

This has left players wondering if Fortnite is over and whether this really is the end for Battle Royale.

At the time of writing, Epic Games has blacked out its social media pages, and has posted a series of black images on the likes on Instagram.

Nobody can login to Battle Royale, and anybody watching the Fortnite season ending live stream (below) can only see the black hole.

Of course, while there’s no mention of how long the game will be offline, it’s highly unlikely that this is the end for Fortnite.

Epic Games is expected to bring Fortnite back online later this evening (October 13).

It’s likely the game will return with a new map after a couple of hours of downtime.

After which you can expect an update, a lengthy list of patch notes and a brand new map.

Express Online will return with more information as the event continues and the black hole finally gives way to something a bit more substantial.

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