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Remember the end of Fortnite season eight when a large lump of volcanic rock struck the side of Polar Peak? It was just for drama and had no consequences at all… right?

The latest twist in Fortnite’s ever-evolving narrative is that a giant monster eye has popped open underneath Polar Peak. This thing is massive: it tracks player movement and the pupil even dilates when a player gets too close. I’m just glad it’s still frozen behind sheet eyes (for now).


Of course, a number of theories have emerged on Reddit and Twitter seeking to explain this monstrosity. Inspired by a purported “leak” from this time last year, some argue the eye signals the introduction of a Leviathan-themed LTM where players have to take down a monster boss. But, by now, this has simply become a meme.

This is the Leviathan skin, by the way.

Others have pointed out the new Godzilla film is releasing this week, and believe the eyeball could be a tie-in with that franchise. Given Tilted Towers currently looks like Tokyo, the mountain has been making growling noises and dragon eggs were found beneath Polar Peak, there’s certainly a lot of evidence to support the theory: but the Godzilla King of the Monsters film is already collaborating with PUBG Mobile, and the possibility of two rival crossover events at once is fairly unlikely.

The most outlandish theory so far is that Kevin the Cube (last seen exploding over Loot Lake) is behind the eye: quite literally, as players have discovered a white cube hidden inside the ‘ball. Couple that with the emerging picture being created from the discovery of Fortbytes, in which both the cube and eyeball are visible, and you get yourself a Fortnite conspiracy theory.

I think the image represents how far Fortnite players will reach for a theory. Anyway, it definitely looks like Bunker Jonesy trying to solve a mystery – or possibly a map with the cube representing Loot Lake and the eye symbolising Polar Peak.

In other Fortnite developments, Mr and Mrs Stone – who were initially separated by the volcano before reuniting and settling down – have again changed position. This time they’re waving their child off to school, and the family also appears to have acquired a dog. I wonder if you can pet that one.

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