Detective Pikachu Concept Artist’s Take On Sobble Is Equal Parts Creepy, Adorable


As one of the recently-announced starters for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Sobble is already garnering a large group of adoring fans. It looks like one of those fans is RJ Palmer, a concept artist working on the Detective Pikachu film. Palmer’s taken his skill at creating realistic renderings of Pokémon and applied it to the tiny water-lizard.

You can find the full rendering on Palmer’s DeviantArt page. The rendering looks fairly accurate to both Sobble and, well, actual lizards. I’m a little bothered by its enormous eyes, though; I know lizards tend to have fairly large, bulging eyes relative to their heads, but something about the mix of that structure and the more human-looking eyes is a bit weird. It looks like it knows my darkest secret, and I’m not comfortable with that.

To see more of Palmer’s Pokémon-related work, check out his renditions of Ninetails and Vaporeon, Mewtwo, Tyrantrum, and more on his Instagram.

[Source: Deviant Art via Nintendolife]

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