Dark And Darker Fans Are Pleasantly Surprised With The Playtest So Far


That there is even still a playtest at all is remarkable in itself.

You probably don’t need me to tell you the Dark And Darker situation is one big mess right now. However, despite the takedowns and ongoing legal issues, Ironmace is determined to make sure Dark And Darker fans can continue to play its game. Just as important, those players appear to still be enjoying it, sharing what they love about the latest playtest even though actually finding a way to access it involves jumping through various hoops and, for some, learning how to use somewhat outdated tech.

Ironmace was forced to remove Dark And Darker from Steam last month. In an attempt to keep the game available, the studio proceeded to share a torrent with its players last week. That torrent was then hit with a separate copyright claim. That means people who want to try out the most recent Dark And Darker playtest have to rely on other players to share the torrent with them.

Nevertheless, some love the game enough to carefully walk through the proverbial minefield that is the Dark And Darker situation, and most appear to be happy with what they’ve discovered on the other side. FunLogical7735 has led the praise on Reddit, writing that the new content added to the game amid everything the studio currently has to deal with is nothing short of impressive. They sign off by clarifying they have no interest in talking about the negative regarding the playtest, presumably because Ironmace has enough of that to deal with in other arenas right now.

Is anyone else just impressed?
by u/FunLogical7735 in DarkAndDarker

While most of the praise is being heaped on the development team for managing to make any changes at all considering the circumstances, there’s also a focus on thank yous for getting the playtest up on time and, perhaps most impressive of all, implementing changes requested by the Dark And Darker community. Having to wade through everything being said about the game on Discord and Reddit, especially when the game was down, to find some constructive criticism about the game itself could not have been fun.

If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what’s going on here, Ironmace is being taken to court by Nexon. Nexon has alleged Ironmace stole assets and used them in Dark And Darker as its creators broke off from the Korean studio to create the game, the idea for which was a prototype that Nexon previously rejected. Ironmace openly admits Dark And Darker is similar to the game that was once a Nexon prototype, unsurprising since the same team created both, but that the code for its own game was built from the ground up and nothing from the project it pitched to Nexon has been used.


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