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Modern Warfare has a locked-in release date set globally for October 25, 2019. And with the return of a campaign mode and a revamped multiplayer, there’s plenty of hype surrounding the 2019 launch. 

This will be on all the major platforms, including PS4, Xbox One and PC, with no Nintendo Switch release planned.

But fans are being warned that certain changes to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare release build could affect the time fans get to start playing.


Fans who have managed to grab an early copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare are confirming that there will be Day One patches to download.

So far, the game has received two updates, each one weighing above 20GB to download on consoles.

The combined size of each patch adds up to around 87GB, meaning that if you’re playing Call of Duty MW from a disc, you’re going to have a long wait time.

There is no way to preload if you have the game on disc, so you will need to install the game and then update it online.

So even with the game being released early on October 25, there could still be a major wait time to consider.

And even if you have preloaded the game digitally, there’s a good chance that you will need to download another patch before you can start playing.

Having a good internet connection will go a long way to alleviating these problems but it might not be enough.

If a lot of gamers are trying to update their copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare at the same time, servers could slow down, or even crash.

Big video game launches usually have to contend with a messy first day of gameplay and there’s no reason to believe it can’t happen to COD MW.


The official release time for consoles look set to be the same in nearly all regions.

For Call of Duty fans in the UK, the Modern Warfare release time has been set for midnight on October 25.

That means if you have preloaded the game and have a fast connection to download the day one patch, you should be playing straight away.

But things are going to be a little different for Call of Duty fans in North America.

If you have bought the game digitally, it looks like servers will be going live on October 24, at around 6pm, PST.

This was confirmed in some recent Facebook Ads and it also lines up with how Activision has conducted COD launches in the past.

When it comes to the PC release, Call of Duty Modern Warfare will become playable in the UK at around 2am, BST, on October 25.

For retail buyers, a lot of large stores will be making it possible to pick up your pre-ordered copy of MW on October 24.

So it will be worth calling later today and asking if you have a participating retailer in your local area offering this service.

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