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Interacting with Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board is part of the first legendary questline you can complete in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7.

Unlike epic quests, legendary questlines are only available for a single week, which means you need to complete them within their deadline if you wish to enjoy their XP reward.

Finding and interacting with Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board next this first legendary questline ends will reward you with 30k XP, which will help you unlock some of the Battle Pass skins.

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Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board location in Fortnite explained

Below you’ll find the location of Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board on the Fortnite map:

The location of Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board in Fortnite.

As you can see, the conspiracy board is located on the southern coastline of the island and, when you reach this location, you’ll discover a small wooden house.


Head inside this building and you’ll discover that it’s actually Bunker Jonesy’s hideout. Now all you have to do to find the conspiracy board is look to your left when you enter the house, because the board is located right next to the front door.

The conspiracy board!

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