Sunday, February 23, 2020

    Authentic Racing Game GRID Autosport Speeds Onto The Switch Next Month

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    GRID Autosport

    Have you got the need for speed? Then there’s no need to worry because GRID Autosport has got you covered. The ninth entry in the TOCA series is scheduled to arrive on the Switch this summer.

    So, when exactly is that? According to a tweet by developer Feral Interactive recently, the game is due out this September (aka. next month). While no exact date was provided, it’s at least narrowed down the release window and makes an already busy month for the Switch even busier.

    Although this game was originally released in 2014, the Switch version includes some special features. You’ll be able to control your vehicle with a tilt steer option and even use the analogue sticks to accelerate and brake.

    Here’s a trailer demonstrating the motion controls:

    Will you be ready to race this September? Tell us down below.


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