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UPDATE: Grapeshot has confirmed that today’s Atlas Xbox One release has been delayed and will not be happening as scheduled.

“The good news is that we’ve been informed that the issue is resolved, which will allow us to now do everything that needs to be done in order to get ATLAS released and available for you. The bad news is that unfortunately, this process will still take a few hours, which means we’re currently looking at a new delay,” a new message from Grapeshot reads.

For gamers in the UK, this probably means the Atlas release time will now be set for the early hours of October 9.

ORIGINAL: Atlas is releasing this week into the Xbox One Game Preview programme, complete with Crossplay. That means that Atlas gamers on PC will be able to enjoy the title with their console counterparts.

There is no news regarding whether Atlas will also launch on PS4 in the future, but there’s no reason to rule this out. For now, we know the Atlas release date details and server launch times for the Xbox One version.


The Atlas Xbox One release date has been set for today, October 8, on Xbox One. And the development team at Grapeshot Games has provided plenty of details on when servers will be going live.

According to the latest news, a recent tweak to the backend systems is needed and has led to a delay to the official release time.

The good news is that the launch is still happening today but will not be scheduled for the afternoon.

Instead, Atlas servers will be launching on Xbox One at around 9pm in the UK, or 4PM ET, if you live in the United States.

An official rundown on the delay can be found in this new statement from Grapeshot, which reads:

“We’ve just received some news about the launch and wanted to share it with you alongside some further info that may answer some recent questions we’ve been fielding.

“Unfortunately, our launch time for our Official Networks and Xbox Crossplay will be delayed. In order for the game to list, there needs to be a change to some backend configuration settings that can only be done with Microsoft’s help.

“As these changes are necessary for the launch of the game, we’ll have to delay it until they’ve applied those settings in the morning (Pacific Time).

“We don’t expect the process to take a long time and are currently estimating the delay to be 4 hours, pushing the launch time to 4pm ET.”

And we also know that Atlas is going to be a big download for fans on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Grapeshot estimates that around 80GB of space will be required to install the game on your console.

This size should be the same for the Xbox One X, as the launch version of Atlas will not support HDR.

New options like this will be added into the game through a patch being released later this week, along with additional GPU and CPU improvements, which are currently in testing.

The good news is that while it might take a while to install, it will be cheaper to buy than other games.

This is due to it being part of Xbox Game Preview, making it an unfinished product and a work in progress.

Atlas will cost $29.99 USD /£24.99 /€29.99 when it launches on servers later today.

The dev team has also confirmed that players will be able to host Unofficial Xbox and Crossplay servers via Nitrado, the third-party partners that also supports ARK Survival Evolved.

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