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Zelda Links Awakening release date is nearly here, with the remake of the Game Boy classic soon heading to the .

The cute revival of the iconic handheld classic from 1993 is arriving on the Nintendo Switch on Friday September 20.

The upcoming Switch title re-imagines the iconic Game Boy adventure for the modern age with adorable new character models and charming 2.5D graphics.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive will once again follow Link’s efforts to wake the sleeping Wind Fish after being left stranded on Koholint Island.

Ahead of the Zelda Links Awakening release date reviews have been coming in, and critics have been glowing in their impressions of the new Switch title.

At the time of writing the Links Awakening remake has an 88 per cent Metacritic rating with a number of perfect scores.

Here is what some of the critics think of the reimagined Links Awakening…

Links Awakening review – 10/10 – Forbes: “Overall, this is a excellent remake of an already faultless Zelda game. If you never played the Game Boy original, then you absolutely need to pick this up. If, like me, you grew up playing this game, then there is a lot of new content to keep you busy. While Breath of the Wild was the game many bought their Switch for, Link’s Awakening has only reinforced that decision for me. So buckle up and let a friendly owl show you what Koholint Island has to offer.”

Links Awakening review – 94 – IGN: “Link’s Awakening retains the style and feel of its 1993 self, but looks and controls like a game – albeit a retro-styled one – made in 2019. In doing so, this feels like it was made in some alternate present, where games remained in 2D, puzzle-focused and strange, but tech improved to support it all. You could, I guess, call it time travel.”

Links Awakening review – Essential – Eurogamer: “I first played Link’s Awakening in black and white, more than 20 years ago, but it coloured my hopes for every Zelda since. Some frame-rate issues on the overworld at launch aside – more an annoyance than anything else – this version surpasses the hopes I had for another visit to its world. Koholint Island deserves nothing less, and while Link must journey to leave its shores, this remake will always be a place which preserves the island for others to follow.”

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