Years after being taken down, PT still finds ways to terrify the internet •

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Lance McDonald, the modder behind a number of cool hacks in Bloodborne and Dark Souls, has turned his expertise to Hideo Kojima’s PT, discovering some brand new and absolutely horrifying information.

By unlocking the camera and moving the player character forward, it reveals the evil ghost Lisa is behind you almost every step of the way – quite literally, she’s attached to you.

Fear of the unknown is something horror games tend to rely on to make them truly scary, yet in this instance, knowing the ghost capable of jump-scaring you at any moment is practically breathing down your neck somehow blows that trope out of the water.

“I only tweeted what I did because I’m confident I have enough other awesome stuff to save for a full video,” McDonald told VG247, suggesting that there’s even more intriguing yet spine-chilling content to come.

On his YouTube channel, Lance McDonald has a whole host of videos discovering secrets in the From Software games, and he’s even taken a crack at unlocking the camera in Control too.

PT was delisted from the PlayStation store back in 2015, giving the game an almost legendary status today – the fact secrets are still being found in it is a testament to the legacy it left behind.

With the new knowledge a ghost is on his heels the entire time, check out Ian Higton’s live stream of PT from back in 2014 – perfect Monday viewing.

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