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The final stage of the  Phase 2 release date has been set for November 14, 2019, in the UK and the United States.

And that means that by the time everything has gone online, players will have access to the vanilla PvP system everyone has been waiting for.

Most of Phase 2 is now in place, with the Dire Maul available and the game now down to a single layer.

This leaves the launch of the Azuregos and Kazzak spawns and the PvP Honor System for gamers to enjoy.

According to the latest news shared by Blizzard, there are currently no plans to take WoW Classic server offline.

Timing-wise, WoW Classic Phase 2 will be going live on Thursday, November 14, in the evening for gamers in the UK.

Blizzard has set the launch time for around 7pm GMT, or 11am PT if you live in the United States.

A new Wow Classic went live earlier this week and should contain everything needed to get the ball rolling.

Here’s the latest from the WoW Classic support, which explains: “At 11:00 a.m. PST on Thursday, the update will occur for all realms in this region.

“The PvP Honor system will come online, and it will become possible for Azuregos and Kazzak to spawn. We’re able to turn on content such as Dire Maul or World Bosses without having to change the game client and require downtime the way a patch does.”

The release of the World Bosses is a big event but so is the launch of the Vanilla PvP Honor System. Both will allow for new loot to be acquired and also provide a big incentive to take part in PvP battles.

Alongside the honor score you can build, WoW Classic will also be able to earn rewards that are closed off to those who don’t take part in PvP. Blizzard has warned that the PvP rewards may be slightly altered from those that were originally part of the vanilla experience.

A breakdown of how the original system worked can be found below and comes directly from Blizzard:

HONOR POINTS – “As you kill opposing players and special PvP-enabling non-player characters, you will earn honor points. You also gain honor points for conquering contested battlegrounds and slaying important NPCs such as leaders and generals of the opposing faction.

“At the end of each day, these honor points will be distributed to all players who participated in PvP gameplay, with players contributing the most kills for their side earning the most points.

“These honor points accumulate to give you a PvP rank, which can fluctuate based on your participation and success in PvP play.”

DISHONOR POINTS – “Even among enemies as bitter as the Horde and Alliance, there is honor. If you flaunt this honor and engage in objectionable PvP play, such as killing new players vastly inferior to you in level, or killing essential non-combat NPCs such as flight masters or quest givers, you will earn dishonor.

If you accumulate enough dishonor through your criminal actions, you will be branded an outlaw. As a consequence, you’ll suffer experience penalties, lose access to your own faction cities, and become so hated by even your own kind that every faction NPC will attack you on sight.

RECOVERING DISHONOR – “World of Warcraft is forgiving of transgressions, and if you refrain from dishonorable actions for a long enough time, you will eventually return to favor with your faction and cast off your criminal label.

REWARDS – “In addition to an honor score, your PvP successes will also enable you to acquire a high rank and title, earn special reward items, and gain access to special buildings and merchants.

“You’ll also gain the favor of your faction’s leadership, and earn other rewards that are unavailable to players who refrain from PvP play.

“The honor system and PvP rewards exist on both normal and PvP servers, but the incentives for player versus player gameplay on the PvP servers are higher due to the very nature of the server.”

The WoW Classic Phase 2 release schedule will have ended by November 15, 2019, or until Blizzard reveals update content plans.

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