Word Wizards Duel is an Amazing PvP Multi Player Game for Android Devices


Word Wizards Duel is a unique strategy word game, where the power of words lead you to victory.
Word duel is a word game where the person who makes words faster and uses clever strategy to make those words wins the duel.

In PvP multiplayer, you can duel with your friends, siblings and parents using Online Multiplayer or LAN/Bluetooth.


In the single player game, you enter a magical land where wizards, mages and scary statues challenge you to a word – duel.

What is a word duel?
It is a one of its kind and extremely fun word game. It is a duel where the person who makes words faster wins. But its not just about making words faster, but also using strategy to employ right words to win the duel. It combines best essence of scrabble and fantasy. You can use spells too in the midst of a duel.

What kind of spells are there?
Spells like health boost, shield of protection, freeze blasts etc make this the best word game experience.

Can I word duel with my friends and family?
ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! You can (in-fact we encourage you to) duel with your friends , your siblings, your parents, your kids if you have any, your aunts and uncles, your grandparents and even that kid across that street that you barely know.


This Game is only available on Android.
It is an amazing new word game where you can play a single player fantasy adventure or play multiplayer with friends and family.





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