Wargroove 2 Hits Switch And PC Next Month


Developer Robotality and publisher Chucklefish have announced that Wargroove 2 will be released next month.

More specifically, the sequel hits Switch and PC on October 5, just a few months shy of the first Wargroove’s fourth anniversary. 

Chucklefish announced the Wargroove 2 release date during today’s Nintendo Direct alongside a new trailer showing more of the game’s beautiful pixel art and challenging turn-based combat. It also highlighted the new commanders to control, a new playable faction in Wargroove 2, and the sequel’s three interweaving campaigns. 

Check out the Wargroove 2 release date trailer for yourself below: 

As you can see, this new trailer reveals the Faahri Republic, which Chucklefish describes as “a nation of curious mouse-folk who have landed in Aurania on a scholarly expedition.”

“What the Faahri Republic lacks in military experience, they more than make up for with academic theory,” a press release reads. “Equipped with mysterious crystal technology, Commanders Lytra, Pistil, and Rhomb must work together in pursuit of information for their mysterious benefactors.” 

Elsewhere in the press release, Chucklefish says Wargroove 2 features new recruits and veteran wardogs to control alongside the game’s new commanders. You can supercharge those commanders with a newly updated Groove system, too. Once you’re done with Wargroove 2’s three campaign arcs, you can battle with or against friends in co-op and multiplayer modes, both locally and online, with up to three other players. 

Preorders for Wargroove 2 are now live on PC and Switch. On Steam and Nintendo Europe and North American eShops, you can preorder for 20% off today. The game’s full price is $19.99.

Wargroove 2 hits Switch and PC next month on October 5. 


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