War Tech Fighters Brings Sci-Fi Mech Action To Switch This June

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    Blowfish Studios is bringing an amusingly initialled game to Switch on 27th June in the form of War Tech Fighters, a science fiction mech game set in the depths of the cosmos.

    Coming from developer Drakkar Dev, you control Captain Nathan Romanis as he and his company of rogues move across the galaxy following an assault from the oppressive Zatros Empire. Apparently this regime of ne’er-do-wells attacked your home colonies, so you’ll be serving up tasty portions of ice cold revenge thanks to your giant War Techs robots.

    These huge machines come equipped with bullets, lasers and magnetic weapons which provide long range options, in addition to hulking great swords when you’ve got baddies right up in your metal face. As you can see from the trailer, it appears that the mechs are fully customisable with an assortment of colours and weaponry, as detailed in the official blurb:

    War Techs are highly-customizable machines that span three distinct core body classes and sport more than 180 upgradeable systems and parts. Use the fast and light Hawk class to fly circles around enemies, get in the enemy’s face with the slow and heavy Rhino-class mecha, or opt for a more balanced approach with flexible Lynx-class War Techs.

    The game launched originally on PC and the console versions gain an exclusive Archangel War Tech available from the start of the game. Despite middling reviews on PC, this might still be worth keeping an eye on if you’re into huge sword-wielding robots fighting in outer space… and who isn’t interested in that?! It’ll cost $19.99 / €17.99 / £15.99 when it launches at the end of June

    Have you played partaken of War Tech Fighter’s sci-fi mech action on PC? How was it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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