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As great as it is to conquer the many mountains of Elden Ring or manage an empire in any given RTS on Steam, sometimes you just need a game that lets you run wild. And that’s where Wanted: Dead comes into play.

The game, coming to us from the makers of Ninja Gaiden, Dead Or Alive and (of course) Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, introduces some wild action antics, putting you in the shoes of a hardboiled Hong Kong cop who will do anything to bring down the bad guys. Whether slashing with her sword or using all sorts of heavy firearms, there’s nothing to stop her from getting some justice.

The developers at Soleil – alongside the publishers at 110 Industries – initially introduced this wild action romp for this year. But, like most developments these days, it was recently pushed back, now set to arrive around Valentine’s Day 2023. But based on the new trailer, included below, it looks to be worth the wait.

Move Over, Chow Yun-Fat – This Is Hard Boiled

The game puts you in the shoes of Lt. Hannah Stone, a no-nonsense Hong Kong cop who actually does use a bit of nonsense, especially when it comes to relaxing with a video game between criminal busts. She finds herself thrust into a major corporate conspiracy, one that pits her and her squad against all sorts of mercenaries and gang members. The time for negotiating is over, as it’s time to fight back and put that corporate filth in their place.

What follows is a complete action romp, one that combines third-person shooting antics with close-range combat with devastating results that we haven’t seen since the days of Devil’s Third on the Wii U. (Remember that one?) As you can see from the trailer, Hannah has no shortage of ways to dispatch of enemies, while also being able to finish them off with over 80 brutal finishers.

Over the course of the game, new weapons will emerge, including everything from SMGs to grenade launchers. What you choose – and how you go about mowing down enemies – is completely up to you. But considering the devs are quite experienced with stylish, over-the-top action, fans should feel right at home with where Wanted: Dead is coming from. Have a soda and relax.

A Swell Looking Actioner

Though the game is clearly from a different kind of publisher, Soleil doesn’t appear to be holding back when it comes to giving Wanted: Dead the kind of AAA-polish it deserves. (That might also explain the delay, as the team clearly wants the game to look as good, if not better, than its past developmental efforts.)

Thus far, Wanted: Dead looks like a complete romp. The carnage looks pretty wild, even to the point that some of it is mildly censored (this won’t happen in the final game, mind you); and the character design is about on point with what we’d expect from the team, very stylish and perfectly fitting for such an old-school style of adventure.

Likewise, the dialogue sounds pretty humorous; and the music is about on point when it comes to the action provided here. It kind of has us excited to see what the final soundtrack has in store, too.

Alas, it does look to be a single-player affair. Wanted: Dead doesn’t look to offer any sort of PvP or even any sort of co-op elements. Still, for those of you that grew up on the Ninja Gaidens or even Devil’s Third should be right at home with the approach. We know we’re still down to enjoy the fruits of this labour – even if it means cutting them up with a sword.

This One Will Steal Your Heart

Wanted: Dead is still a few months away from release, but it should have no trouble winning over players when it arrives on consoles and Steam this coming Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, we’ll see more of it in action in the weeks ahead, as Gamescom approaches. Don’t be surprised if we gush over this one a bit more in the weeks ahead. After all, who doesn’t love an old-school approach?!


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