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It won’t be long before fans are exploring the ruins of Washington DC during The Division 2 private beta.

Ubisoft has scheduled the start time for Thursday, February 7 and is available to pre-load on all platforms right now.

There are currently two ways to join The Division beta, one is by pre-ordering the game, and the other is by signing up on the official site.

However, Ubisoft has now announced that there will one other option for those who get access to The Division private beta on the start date.

Players will have an option to invite friends to the playtest using new codes that will be available on the official website.

From what has been posted online, Division 2 players will be able to invite three friends who have a Ubisoft account.

It’s not entirely clear if all Division 2 players will have this option, or if it is just being reserved for pre-order customers.

The official site description reads: “Players with access to the Private Beta can invite up to three Ubisoft Friends.

“Login to see if you are eligible to invite friends, or to accept an invitation. Please launch the game at least once to be able to invite your friends.”

And for those who are planning to jump into the game with a squad of friends, Ubisoft has confirmed the full schedule for The Division 2 beta.

As mentioned above, The Division 2 Private beta will begin tomorrow at 9am in the UK.

This time is the same for all platforms and there will be no start time difference between players who pre-ordered or signed up via the site.

Ubisoft will be dropping new content throughout the test period, meaning fans can look forward to new end-game content on Friday, February 8, at 4pm, GMT.

The beta is set to run until Sunday, February 10, turning off multiplayer servers at around 4pm, GMT.

Ubisoft has announced that the Private Beta download size is 46 GB, although there might be small variations depending on which platform you play on.

Ubisoft also plans to publish a small patch of under 200 MB before the private beta test begins.

Here’s a rundown of some important information for fans hoping to join the beta this week:

“Players who pre-ordered and redeemed their code will receive an email confirming their Beta access starting February 6th at 9am GMT, when pre-load is made available.

“Some selected players who registered on can also start to receive their Beta access by email starting February 6th at 9am GMT.

“All Private Beta players will be able to invite up to 3 of their Uplay friends to join them in the Private Beta. Friends invites will be available on starting February 6th at 5pm GMT.

“Players joining the Private Beta through a friend invite will not have access to this feature.

“The Division 2 Private Beta is not under any Non-Disclosure Agreement, so please feel free to discuss your time in the game, share your screenshots, and stream or capture any content you wish.”

In terms of new content to try out during the beta, Ubisoft says that there will be two main story missions, as well as five side missions.

Other activities in the open world will also be accessible, as will one of the three Dark Zones for multiplayer action.

End-game content will include an “Invaded Mission” to try out and new Survivalist, Sharpshooter and Demolitionist specialisations.

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