The Community Spotlight 2019.06.22

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! With everyone finally recovering from their E3 2019 hangover, both Giant Bomb studios are getting ready for their first full week of video content! With that in consideration, I have to admit it was a relatively “quiet” week on Giant Bomb. Both the form and blog sphere were only moderately active and the same can be said regarding lists and reviews. No matter, the content we have on this edition STILL meets the high standards that I set for the Spotlight so, without further ado, let’s jump into the site related housekeeping!

  • Issues with the archives of E3 2019 Nite 2 and 3 should be resolved. If you are still having issues, the archives on the YouTube channel appear to be working.
  • Dan made his stunning return to the Game Informer Show podcast! Give the podcast a listen if you want to hear him talk about what impressed him at E3 2019 alongside industry vet, Andy McNamara.
  • If you remembered to pre-order the Giant Bomb @ Nite coffee mugs before the June 21st deadline, they will begin shipping on July 8th!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Dragon Ball Z Luchadeer (By: @jea_rum)

The highly ambitious Dragon Ball Z and Giant Bomb crossovers never cease to amaze me. This week we have jea_rum over at Twitter imagining Luchadeer as a DLC character in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Jeff Garfmann (By: @therealtaaltos)

At least once a week users on Twitter DM or tag me to try to promote their Giant Bomb themed artwork. I make it a habit to never reject these requests, but sometimes the artworks in question give me nightmares. This is one such case.

No Caption Provided

Ben Portrait + Jan Portrait + Abby Portrait (By: @ftongl)

Over on Instagram, Giant Bomb user ftongl made some awesome tribute portraits for Ben, Jan, and Abby! Don’t forget to use the links above to check out their other AWESOME works of art!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Community Activities

Final Fantasy XIV is a fun time for all to have!
Final Fantasy XIV is a fun time for all to have!

Joining The Giant Bomb Free Final Fantasy XIV Company [*Updated 6/19/2019*] (By: @snakelinksonic)

There’s been a lot of talk from the Giant Bomb staff of jumping into Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn, so it’s worth mentioning the community company has an UPDATE! Get the details using the link above!

Clips Of The Week

Speaking of Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn, I have an update from the Final Fantasy XIV company of the incredibly important activities they have been up to recently. Something about “official car business.” Let’s have a look….

Tweets Of A Week

Best Of Blogs

Which games are great and bad on Game Pass? Check out PistonHyundai's blog to find out!
Which games are great and bad on Game Pass? Check out PistonHyundai’s blog to find out!

PC Game Pass Picks (By: @pistonhyundai)

Giant Bomb user PistonHyundai recently picked up Game Pass on PC and uses their latest blog to annotate the games they think are most worth checking out on the service.

E3 is Broken (By: @triznoy)

triznoy briefly comments on why E3 2019 is further proof E3’s general format is “broken,” and why the conference needs to drastically change its format to ensure it can continue to remain relevant.

Devil May Cry 5 And E3 Thoughts (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan uses their latest blog to look back at their time with Devil May Cry 5 and general thoughts about E3 2019 and what has them excited about the future of gaming!

I always appreciate a game that takes the time to design a nice HD traffic cone.
I always appreciate a game that takes the time to design a nice HD traffic cone.

I’m Here To Whine About Dying Light. (Slight Spoilers) (By: @halim51)

halim51 finally got around to finishing the first Dying Light game in lieu of the sequel’s strong E3 2019 showing. Read why they were thoroughly disappointed by the game’s final act.

A Comparison Of FF7 Remake And FF7 Advent Children (By: @liquiddragon)

liquiddragon decided to go back to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and compare it to the Remake’s artstyle. Join their conversation on which is a “better” modernization of the characters and world of Final Fantasy VII!

Seeking Warframe & Fortune (Part 6/June ’19) +

Indie Game of the Week 125: Goetia (By: @mento)

I have been told more Warframe is not a bad thing.
I have been told more Warframe is not a bad thing.

Moderator Mento is STILL playing Warframe! Give their latest blog about their (mis)adventures in the game a read! This episode even talks about their time on Jupiter.

Collecting Games – How and Why? [Self Reflection] (By: @squidracerx)

Here’s an interesting blog. Giant Bomb user squidracerX welcomes you to join them in self-reflecting on how and why we all collect games and deal with gaming clutter.

E3 2019: The Rest (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 spent the week since E3 ended trying to follow the games beyond the press conferences, and uses this blog to discuss how it’s not as easy as it should be.

Squall, you magnificent bastard!
Squall, you magnificent bastard!

Someone Who Loves Final Fantasy VIII Unconditionally Talks About Square-Enix’s E3 2019 Conference (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator and Giant Bomb’s resident Final Fantasy VIII expert, ZombiePie, (take that ThatPinguino!) looks back at the good and bad of Square-Enix’s E3 2019 press conference!

(Editor’s Note: Reminder that ZombiePie writes this stuff. ~Marino)

Join The Discussion

I guess they made a new DOTA game?
I guess they made a new DOTA game?

Who Is Your Favorite Silent Protagonist? (By: @ntm)

Who is your favorite silent protagonist in video game history? Share your character pick, and join our discussion on how the formerly widespread trope isn’t as bad as some may claim.

But What About SNAPMAP? (By: @lcom)

Are your disappointed Doom Eternal will not use the “Snapmap” feature from Doom (2016)? Join our discussion about the good and bad of the feature using the link above!

Dota Underlords Initial Thoughts and Unit Discussion (By: @sparklehorse)

Have any of you tried out Dota Underlords, an auto-battler game by Valve? How does it compare to the original Dota 2 mod “Dota Auto Chess?” Are there any units you enjoy using?

Bloodstained finally came out! What are your impression?
Bloodstained finally came out! What are your impression?

Are The Banjo Games Still Worth Getting Through And Do You Think We’ll See Another Banjo Adventure Next-Gen? (By: @ntm)

In light of Banjo coming to Smash, do you think the first two Banjo games are worth going back to? Are they timeless classics or artifacts of the past? Share your thoughts with the rest of the community!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Discussion Thread (By: @haz)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night came out yesterday to most platforms and you can share your impressions of the game thus far with the Giant Bomb community! How does it stack up against Castlevania?

Matt Rorie’s Alpha Protocol Delisted from Steam (By: @gkhan)

I am legitimately disappointed no one ever ran with the ideas from Alpha Protocol.
I am legitimately disappointed no one ever ran with the ideas from Alpha Protocol.

What are your thoughts about the delisting of (Matthew Rorie’s) Alpha Protocol? Would you buy a remaster? What is your favorite moment or mechanic in the game?

What Is The Dumbest Giant Bomb Merch You’d Purchase? (By: @personandstuff)

The title really says it all! Giant Bomb has been “creative” with its recent batch of merchandise, but what’s the literal dumbest idea you have ever had for Giant Bomb merchandise you’d actually buy? Is time for those Giant Bomb themed umbrellas Rorie mentioned during UPF?

Lovable Lists

A yearly tradition that I know shreds Mento's mental fortitude continues this week!
A yearly tradition that I know shreds Mento’s mental fortitude continues this week!

Trailer Blazer: E3 2019 (Part One) (By: @mento)

Moderator Mento is starting a new list series where they watch every E3 2019 trailer uploaded to Giant Bomb and share their humorous impression of what they watched! Here’s part one of their trailer-based folly!

My Games of Each Generation (By: @guip1408)

guip1408’s list this week looks at their “favorite” game from every console generation! Give their list a look, and think about making your own!

Useful User Reviews

We have an oldie but a goodie from RioStarwind this week!
We have an oldie but a goodie from RioStarwind this week!
  • @riostarwind‘s review of the SNES Shadowrun talks about how it is a game they can still enjoy, but one that I find very hard to recommend today.
  • @guip1408 played Dying Light and uses their review of the game to comment on how it is a “fun but flawed game.”
  • @thefakepsychic‘s review of Blood & Truth to detail how the PSVR cannot keep up with the game’s fast-paced and exciting action.

Wonderful Wikis

E3 2019

E3 2019 might be over, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back and check out our E3 2019 wiki page! If you want a one-stop destination where you can review conference discussion threads or video game trailers, this is the place to go!

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