The Callisto Protocol Confirms Global Release Date, Performance Mode


The developers of the upcoming horror game The Callisto Protocol confirm the game’s global release date, along with a performance mode.

The Callisto Protocol confirms its global release date, along with a performance mode for the upcoming horror game. Having the same staff from the cosmic horror adventure Dead SpaceThe Callisto Protocol carries the same vibes and follows in the same steps, with grotesque alien monsters, body horror, and plenty of gory violence. Incidentally, the game is set to release a month before EA’s Dead Space Remake, which will make for an interesting discussion when both are released.

The Callisto Protocol also will be featuring a big feature that takes advantage of the next-gen systems, a performance mode. A majority of games on the PS5 and Xbox Series X feature two to three graphical modes that deliver on giving an experience for better performance or graphics. Toggling between these modes usually allows for games to reach 60 FPS or higher, or vice versa. The developers at Striking Distance Studios recently confirmed this feature.

On the game’s official Twitter account, the tweet confirms that the initially announced release date for The Callisto Protocol will apply globally, meaning that all regions will get to play the game at the same time without delay. The tweet also confirms that the game’s performance mode will be aimed at 60 FPS, meaning that players will be able to choose between smooth gameplay or high-fidelity graphics. Many fans were excited to hear this piece of news, as evidenced by the positive replies underneath the tweet.

The more detailed and gory aspects of the game will also be enhanced in a different mode. Previously, The Callisto Protocol announced that it would support ray tracing, along with other graphical-focused features such as AI upscaling and algorithmically determining realistic lighting for its atmosphere. All these added enhancements add to the visual realism and detailing that goes into the game, and players having the choice between these modes is appreciated by many players.

Interestingly, this piece of news comes a few days after WB Games Montreal recently announced that Gotham Knights wouldn’t have a performance mode, along with it being locked at 30 FPS on console, while the PC versions could support it. Some users on Twitter responded to this tweet believing that this announcement was made in response to Gotham Knights, though this hasn’t been confirmed. Amidst some of the mudslinging between the two fanbases, there are plenty of other fans who are just excited that The Callisto Protocol has an option for 60 FPS.

The Callisto Protocol is set to release on December 2, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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