Steam Deck Reservations To Be Fulfilled Before The End Of The Year


Valve is ahead of schedule and is pumping out Steam Decks “faster than ever before.”

If you’re still patiently waiting for a Steam Deck then Valve has some good news for you. Due to supply chain issues clearing up, Valve has announced that everyone’s Steam Deck reservations are being brought forward, and those currently in the reservation queue will get their Steam Decks before the end of the year.

Valve announced the news via a tweet from the official Steam Deck Twitter account and revealed more details in a blog post on Steam. Several reservations have been moved up to Q3 (July – September) while everyone else’s reservations will be fulfilled in Q4 (October – December). If you want to see how your reservation has been affected, you can do so by visiting and logging into the Steam Deck page on Steam.

For anyone planning to grab a Steam Deck now, new reservations are being placed in the Q4 window but may be pushed back into the next quarter (January – March 2023). Waits times for Steam Decks have been notoriously long for some people, but it now seems like finally getting your hands on a Steam Deck might be a lot easier from here on out.

If you’re wondering why you might want one, there are several reasons. Handheld PC gaming is the obvious one, but the Steam Deck is also pretty handy for emulation. For example, YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer recently managed to get an original Xbox emulator up and running on the device, playing games like TimeSplitters, Halo: Combat Evolved, and House of the Dead on the go. If that doesn’t make you consider putting a reservation in, then I don’t know what will.


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