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Unlocks early as a pre-order bonus.

PlayStation 5 launch title Spider-Man Miles Morales includes the incredibly cool spidey suit from the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie.

Not only is the suit’s design the same, it is animated to look the same in motion as well. Seriously, just look at it:

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But – of course, there’s always a but – it is listed as a pre-order bonus. The above gameplay trailer’s YouTube description confirms it as “a pre-order bonus”, while on Twitter, Marvel described it as a “launch day bonus”.

It appears to be the second suit teased in this image showing other pre-order goodies (a TRACK suit, gravity well gadget and three extra skill points):


So, if you don’t pick up Miles Morales on launch, will you still be able to get the suit later on? [UPDATE: Yes, you can. Insomniac Games has subsequently confirmed via Twitter it will unlock later for everyone, and the “pre-order bonus” is for an early unlock.]

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is of course available on PlayStation 4 as well as PS5, and upgrades for free if you pick up a PS5 later on. However, it’s worth remembering the Deluxe Version of Miles Morales is PS5-only, and you’ll need that to get the exclusive new Spider-Man Remastered. Simples.

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