Spider-Man 2 Fan Brings Kid Peter To His Dead Aunt And Uncle’s Grave


Peter Parker has been through a lot across comics, TV, movies, and games. One constant is the death of Uncle Ben, putting him on the path of heroism as he vows to use his powers responsibly.

In a few adaptations and stories, ol’ May kicks the bucket too, like in the Insomniac games. But she does that when he’s an adult, so Pete at least gets a childhood with her. Unless you manage to time travel like RebelOrion did.

He brought the young Peter from Spider-Man 2’s side missions over to both May and Ben Parker’s graves. You’d expect a Peter still in school to be distraught at losing both of his parental figures, but here we see him happily gesturing like he’s posing with a celebrity.

I am an awful person for this one
byu/RebelOrion inSpidermanPS4

“I am an awful person for this one,” RebelOrion said. You’re not wrong. They did it by going out of bounds during one of the young Peter missions in the game, and obviously, since you’re not meant to reach the graveyard with him, Insomniac didn’t change it.

That means May and Ben’s gravestones are still there, even though you’re in the past, so you can lug young Peter to the future to see where it’s all heading. An alternative interpretation is that going out of bounds automatically kills Aunt May. Think about that next time you’re out using glitches, eh?

If you’re playing the first Spider-Man, going out of bounds won’t kill Aunt May. It’ll just break her heart.

“Oh no! The space-time continuum! TVA, help!” GameknightJ14 commented, to which someone replied, joking that Peter could alter history further by also visiting Jefferson’s gravestone. Leave Miles out of this. “Renslayer shows up and aggressively activates her pruning stick, ‘Well, time to kill a child.'”

Players have been finding ways to get characters out-of-bounds ever since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launched. Whether it was MJ, Miles, Peter, Venom, or whoever else’s shoes you step into. It can be a bit fiddly (and requires canceling and reloading the entire mission if you get trapped) but these glitches do mean you can play Spider-Man 2 as a powerless civilian. The true power fantasy. Take notes, Insomniac.

Granted, Insomniac is catching on and has begun patching out some of these strategies. You can no longer get out of the linear playable zone as Venom, taking our favourite head-chomping Symbiote for a ride across New York City. But before the updates began rolling out, players did manage to get under the map and find a decapitated Rhino mounted on Kraven’s wall. Maybe we can bring kid Peter there so he can do a world tour of all the people that died in his life.


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