Smart solution to prevent devastating water leak damage


Easy DIY installation. No plumber or pipe cutting is required. On-line and off-line protection. Control by smartphone, stay safe 24/7!

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great Tech project currently running on Kickstarter. The Custos team gathered to provide an innovative solution that prevents leaks and protects against damage. They are a team of international designers, engineers & programmers who work together in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Germany, and Turkey. Their initial goal was to create a smart system to instantly detect and prevent water damage to your home, and they succeeded.

The Custos kit is invented to prevent water damage at home or any other property. Its design makes sure the best user experience and solid performance. The kit includes Ball Valve Servo (BVS), Wi-Fi Gateway, Leak Sensors, and extension cables. And its main feature is an easy installation with no tools or calling a plumber. 

The Gateway will support BVS 32+ hours in case of power loss and make sure to close the water main in case of leakage. 

The small as a lipstick, Leak Sensor works in all orientations no matter the device placement. And due to the capillary effect, detects even the smallest drops of water.

The Valve Servo can cope with the toughest valves with ease while staying flexible due to its adjustable clamps. And, it’s the only retrofit valve actuator engineered for outdoor use. Its enclosure is made of automobile graded UV proof polymer.

How It Works

Installing the Valve Servo is as easy as 1-2-3! And you can use wired probes to cover an area around your water heater, which makes it perfect for keeping an eye on things. It has survived intensive tests and is under the last mile optimization to ensure top functionality and ease of use. The Gateway has an extended battery life of up to 32+ hours so that your devices can keep communicating even if there’s no WiFi or power cut-off. 

With Valve Servo you don’t need to cut the pipes, call a plumber, or even any tools. Just put the product on the water main and tighten the clamps. And with less than a minute, you’ll have it up and running in an instant. The clamps can be quickly adjusted to slide over the different pipe sizes, making installation a breeze – even in complex piping systems. The Valve Servo deals with the toughest valve with ease. It will deliver proper torque and stop right at the end position without overturning. Rated with IP66, meaning it is protected from total dust ingress. And, it will survive in a humid environment without compromising its service life.

Leak Sensor

The unique feature of this device is the central sensor ring with 4 metal water probes on four corners. This ensures the detection works in all orientations of the device placement. The Leak Sensor can work up to 10 years on a single battery. And, when the battery is almost depleted, you’ll be notified through the app. So there’s no need to worry that it’ll run out of juice unnoticed. It’s a highly sensitive device that can detect even the smallest leaks thanks to its capillary effect – water soaks into coloured channels with ease and  is one of the smallest of its kind. The compact size compares to the size of a Lipstick.

Risks and challenges

The Custos Kit has already come a long way. The main device has been in mass production since 2020. We’re still working on finishing touches for our app and optimizing leak sensors. So, at this stage, we’ve done a solid production plan and the manufacturer is ready to go. Of course, even with a great plan, there is a potential for schedule risk: it is still possible that an unexpected issue may arise that causes a delay in the production or an unforeseen situation with shipping like our container being delayed in customs. If anything does come up, rest assured we will make sure to communicate it immediately so you are always in the know. We will keep you, our backers, updated on the status of our project as it develops with full transparency.

Rewards for backing this project include access to an early bird price saving you 35% off the retail price, Extra Leak Sensors and Extention Probes and more. Only available to pledgers of this Kickstarter. For a full breakdown of the rewards available, check out their crowdfunding page on Kickstarter.


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