Slime Climb: An Addictive New Game for Android Devices


Play Slime Climb: Climbing & Bouncing Cube Climber Jump and you’ll get that and a lot more! Guide your super slime jumper in the sky filled with cubes and go up by avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Oh did we mention that there is a water rising trying to destroy your silly slime?  How far can you go sliming? 🤔


In a fun drag to jump game play, you need to smartly control you slime character. Guide the hopper in various directions and always try to go up. This doesn’t mean that you will lose if you go down, many times you’ll need to go down in order to find a better path to the next cube.

Your fly jumps will not only be between the vibrant tap jumper cubes. When you hop high, sometimes you’ll stick the slime to the wall. Don’t hit & stick on the jump wall too often as you may lose the slime game!

In this climbing adventure, you will go against some really hard tasks. In those cases, it’s best to use the available boosters which will give you more wall jumps, let you collect more diamonds and coins, and generally enable you to jump higher with the slime ball for higher scores. Try to collect them as much as possible as you go up.

Explore our slime ball climbing characters and high jump cubes. There are some really cool designs in our fly slime climbing quest. Be sure to explore them all before you spend your well-earned slime dime.

▪️ endless climbing slime game
▪️ simple drag to jump & fly hop controls
▪️ collect coins to unlock characters & buy upgrades
▪️ upgrades: score multiplier, score booster, magnet duration, coin spawner, diamond spawner, wall jump
▪️ high score system with a global leader board

Now don’t miss the pure excitement of slime climbing!
Playing with the silly climbing super slimes will make any time of your day.

▶️ Download the ultimate slime climber game for free!





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