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Sea of Thieves is going down today for server maintenance – here’s what Xbox One fans need to know.

From 10am UK time today Sea of Thieves servers will be down and offline.

The Sea of Thieves server maintenance is scheduled to last for six hours, with it ending at 4pm UK time.

The Sea of Thieves down news was revealed by the game’s official Twitter account.

They tweeted: “Pirates! #SeaOfThieves servers will be coming down between 10am and 4pm GMT so we can run scheduled maintenance and update the game.

“So if you’re sailing now, make sure you hand in your treasure in time!”

The new Sea of Thieves update comes after install size changes were revealed las month which would “optimise” updates for the game going forward.

In a post online executive producer Joe Neate said: “I wanted to inform everyone of an upcoming change to our game install size resulting from work we have been doing behind the scenes to our install and patch process.

“To enable this change, there will be a larger than normal update size on February 6th, 2019.

“This change will both greatly reduce the game’s overall install size and optimise the way we update Sea of Thieves moving forward.”

Neate added: “Changes to how we generate game updates/patches will better enable us to manage future content being added to the game.

“This might mean that patch sizes increase slightly in the future, but the benefit is that the game install size won’t increase significantly.

“If we didn’t make this change, the game install size would continue to increase, taking up more and more of your hard drive space.”

In other news, Rare has reportedly started sending out invites to Sea of Thieves insiders for the upcoming The Arena mode.

The Arena is a new PvP focused mode that is coming to Sea of Thieves – it currently does not have a release date.

An announcement on The Arena release date will hopefully take place within the next few weeks.

Rare will also be announcing plans later this month for future content expansion to mark the Sea of Thieves one year anniversary.

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