Rumour: French Gaming Website Suggests Cuphead Could Come To Switch


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    Further to last night’s rumours suggesting that Microsoft is planning to bring an Xbox app, Project X Cloud and its Game Pass service to Switch, more details have come to light regarding the possible cross-pollination.

    French gaming website Jeuxvideo has extra details regarding the potential collaboration between the two gaming giants. Firstly, the site mentions not only Ori and the Blind Forest, but also 2D platforming boss-battler Cuphead as one of the potential games come to Switch, although it’s unclear if they’ll be native games or part of the 100 Game Pass and X Cloud titles potentially available before 2020 arrives. Getting Cuphead on Switch in any form, regardless of the technicalities, would be something of a coup for Nintendo after Microsoft nabbed lifetime console exclusivity for the game which emulates classic Fleischer animation from the early 20th century.

    While no mention is made of PlatinumGames’ dead project Scalebound, there are suggestions that a big Microsoft franchise ‘could’ potentially come to Switch in some form. The website is hazier on the details in this area, so we’d recommend a significantly larger pinch of salt here. As a reminder for the Nintendo purists, the biggest exclusive series on Xbox include Forza, Gears of War and Halo. Master Chief for Smash? Quiet down at the back!

    The company also owns Rare, the British developer which used to be in Nintendo’s wheelhouse until they were sold along with their IPs to Microsoft in 2002. The developer’s catalogue – especially for the Nintendo 64 era – holds a special place in the heart of many Nintendo gamers, so even the slightest possibility that we could see Rare Replay with classics like Banjo-Kazooie or Perfect Dark once again on a Nintendo console is very exciting.

    Let’s not get carried away, though. While Jeuxvideo is certain that high-level meetings have taken place, other details are sketchy. It does mention that sources refuse to confirm whether Nintendo games could appear on Microsoft platforms, although we can’t imagine Nintendo would permit that. With Microsoft languishing in third place this generation following the bungled launch of Xbox One, an alliance would arguably stand to benefit the Redmond company over Nintendo.

    That said, Switch gamers stand to win big if it’s possible we’ll see Rare games back on a Nintendo system for the first time in a long while (Nintendo-owned IPs notwithstanding, of course). Regardless, these whispers represent exciting times for an industry that’s more in flux than ever.

    “Reggie and Phil sittin-“… No, hang on… “Doug and Phil sitting in a tree…” Is this wishful thinking? Do you think this move would make sense for both parties? Any Xbox exclusives you wouldn’t mind trying on Switch? Share your thoughts in the usual place.

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