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According to the latest rumours online, Rockstar Games are working on a secret game project that will be coming out before GTA 6.

Meanwhile, many fans are hoping for an announcement in the coming months, but there has been no official word yet on the matter.

There’s no doubt that Rockstar Games are developing a new GTA game, but there is still no way of working out when it might drop.

With GTA Online still thriving on PS4 and Xbox One, there seems to be little rush to launch the next Grand Theft Auto game.

And while Rockstar Games have a good record of announcing titles in a low-key way, they are also known for delaying them.

So even if we did hear about GTA 6 in the coming months, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t arrive on time.

And a new rumour out this week suggests GTA 6 will be launched after a secret new project.

Project Medieval is something that has been rumoured in the past but was suspected of having been scrapped.

But new reports out this week suggest that something set in Medieval times is being worked on by Rockstar.

The news comes from a recent listing on LinkedIn and a post found on Reddit, which doesn’t provide much in the way of clarification for fans.

A game focused on sword fights would make a nice change of pace for the famous studio and would also catch fans off guard.

The one disappointing fact about this rumour is that it states this game wouldn’t be arriving until 2021.

And if it is set to launch before GTA 6, that would mean a long wait for fans to get their hands on the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Fans are sceptical of this new information, and there is a good chance that this will turn out to be some kind of prank.

Whatever does happen, we know for sure that gamers are hungry to find out what new game Rockstar are working on.

While Rockstar may have a few games in open development, they are still supporting GTA 5 Online and Red Dead Redemption 2.

No single-player content is expected to arrive for either but there is still plenty being planned for the online modes.

And Rockstar Games has confirmed that new content is coming to GTA Online and Red Dead Online in the future.

And from a sales standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to keep supporting GTA 5.

Not only does it keep selling well on PS4 and Xbox One, but it also provides an impressive flow of in-game revenue.

Much of this is based around the live service business model of GTA Online, and that means bringing new content to the game.

More news is expected to be shared in the coming months on what new Grand Theft Auto content is being worked on.

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