Retro Studios Seeking Three Product Testers And A Storyboard Artist

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    Since the development of Metroid Prime 4 was officially restarted last year, Retro Studios has been on a non-stop hiring spree.

    It’s now been discovered by the studio wants to fill three product tester contract positions and a storyboard artist vacancy. The testing jobs were posted on 30th September and the storyboard contract opened on 5th October.

    @Shinesparkers “hiring product testers could mean they have a playable prototype”

    Retro has previously advertised for product testers, but this appears to be the first time it has posted a job opening for a storyboard artist. As highlighted by YouTube channel Doctre81, one of the key duties of this storyboard artist is to:

    “Help define emotional scenes that will resonate with audiences.”

    This is certainly an interesting task if it is a role tied to the new Metroid Prime game.

    In an update last month, it was revealed Retro had recruited Santa Monica senior game designer, Jon Marcella – who previously worked as a level designer on the PlayStation 4 hit God of War.

    What do you make of the latest job listings? Think we’ll be seeing Metroid Prime 4 anytime soon? Share your thoughts below.

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