Relax your mind, unwind with Stanga

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Stanga is a zen-dexterity arcade game designed for use with a computer mouse.
Bounce away in a relaxing journey. Relax does not mean easy,
It’s about taking it easy and enjoying the ride.



How the game works:

You have 20 tries to cover a journey of over 180 screens.
However, you can take your time and learn at your own pace.
You can always go back to the last screen where you still have tries left to practice more or start fresh from a saved checkpoint with 20 tries.
Only those who manage to get it in one go will see all the journey unfold.

  • Lo-Fi beats to relax \ play to and have a good time.
  • novel yet nostalgic game mechanic.
  • Lots of zany backgrounds to discover.
  • 486\Amiga abstract game style re-imagined in 4k.
  • smooth bouncing.
  • Over 180 handcrafted Screens to complete and more to come!
  • Great for improving your mouse tracking and reflex.
  • Carrots


Get Stanga for Steam Today here





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