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PS5 release date and price rumours are rife and analysts remain divided over when the new console will arrive.

The official Sony reveal could happen at any time during the coming months, and there are some that believe we could even see a shock launch date announced.

Following news of the slowing PS4 sales earlier this month, some analysts have backed Sony to move toward a new console platform.

The costs of this process have started to be factored in, and some analysts believe that the PS5 could arrive in the next fiscal year for Sony.

This is partly the reason behind the drop in the Sony Corp. share price, the biggest since 2015, while other factors concerning declining demand for parts also played a role.

“There is more downside as we believe slowing growth in its games division signals a very likely PS5 launch for next fiscal year and the ensuing costs that come with the launch of a new platform,” analyst Amir Anvarzadeh for Asymmetric Advisors Pte, told Bloomberg.

This news comes as Sony looks to change key staff ahead of the console transition expected in the future.

The gaming division will see Jim Ryan become its new president and CEO in April, taking up the reigns from John Kodera.

The previous head of Sony Interactive Entertainment global sales sounds like a good pick to oversee the launch of the PlayStation 5.

He may also play a role in expanding the PlayStation Network, which has become a massive growth area for Sony.

A recent statement made by Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida reflects this and is something that could nod to its importance for the next console too.

“Our Game & Network Services business has grown into the Sony Group’s largest business in terms of both sales and operating income,” Yoshida said in a recent statement.

“Furthermore, our business in this domain holds significant importance as our growth driver going forward.”

“At the same time, this industry is relentlessly fast-moving, and to remain the market leader, we must constantly evolve ourselves with a sense of urgency.”

Another analyst has had a crack at predicting the PlayStation 5 price point when it launches, another massive factor in its success.

A gap between the cost of the PS5 and Xbox Two could create a clear advantage for the system that proves cheapest to buy.

Ace Research Institute Analyst Hideki Yasuda believes that the price will be less than $500, or at least on par with the PS4 at launch.

However, a sub-$500 price point suggests that the PlayStation 5 won’t be quite the powerhouse hoped for, or that the company are willing to make a loss on the console.

This could be achieved if the games and services side of things could cover the costs.

And recent data suggests that the PS4 has proven fertile ground for PSN growth.

Niko Partners Analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed as much earlier this month when he shared data supporting the fact that the PSN generated ($12.5 billion) in 2018, a mass amount of revenue when compared to Nintendo’s output.

“Total network services revenue in 2018 was 1373 billion yen, which is around $12.5 billion,” he wrote online.

“Once again, revenue generated from Sony’s Network services (PSN) in 2018 is higher than Nintendo’s total revenue for 2018.

“Really shows how significant revenues generated from PSN are, especially since PS4 launched.

“Also shows just how far Nintendo have to go. Despite the boost last quarter from Switch Online, Nintendo digital revenue is still tiny.

“PS4 has sold in 94.2m units. When launch aligned, the console is on track to reach 100m faster than Wii and in roughly the same timeframe as PS2.”

So looking at this data, you could see how it would be plausible that Sony could tackle running at a loss for the PlayStation 5 when coupled with the PSN revenue output.

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