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PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch fans look set to see a shock new console rival these household names in the future.

The PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have been the biggest selling consoles of this generation, accounting for around over 175million sales together.

However, recently a number of other companies aside from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have signalled their intentions to release rival consoles.

One of the most notable is the Mad Box from Project Cars developers Slightly Mad Studios, while a new Atari system is also in the works.

Even the Intellivision is set for a return, with the console originally launched in the 70s getting a retro revival in 2020.

And another iconic retro developer has announced their intention to release a brand new console.

Neo Geo has teased fans that they have a new “modern” console in the works with more details set to be revealed in future.

The release of the new Neo Geo hardware comes off the back of the release of the Neo Geo Mini last year.

This classic console was a pint-sized arcade machine that featured 40 games on it.

And SNK has revealed that the Neo Geo Mini will be capable of connecting to their next console.

In a tweet online the SNK Twitter account said: “A Next-Gen NEOGEO hardware is coming after NEOGEO Mini.

“With a modern design and a wonderful play feeling and you can even link it to NEOGEO Mini, the new hardware will provide you a NEOGEO journey that you have never experienced.

“Stay tuned for more information! #SNK #NEOGEO”.

It remains to be seen what shape or form this new console will take, and whether it will run current-gen games from SNK.

This generation SNK has made a big comeback, releasing a new King of Fighters and a brand new Samurai Shodown as well as SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

A new Metal Slug is also in the works from the Osaka-based developers.

This isn’t the first time that SNK has revealed that they’re set to make new hardware.

Back in April it was revealed that a Neo Geo 2 and a Neo Geo 3 were in the works following the higher than anticipated sales of the Neo Geo Mini.

SNK are predominantly known for the Neo Geo, a 16-Bit system released in 1990 which brought arcade quality gaming into gamers’ living rooms.

Software was released on the system up until 2004, and Neo Geo AES games can fetch a huge price these days.

A mint version of the super rare Kizuna Encounter can sell for over £45,000.

SNK also released the Neo Geo CD system as well as the Neo Geo Pocket handheld.

A home release for the Hyper Neo Geo 64 arcade system was planned but was later scrapped.

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