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There’s been good news and bad news for Pokemon Sword and Shield this week, with a recent Anime boost helping along the way.

The latest Pokemon game has arrived on Nintendo Switch and is expected to sell very well over the coming weeks.

But it also comes with the news that a lot of negative review scores are being posted by fans on sites like Metacritic.

This has driven the Nintendo Switch exclusive’s review score among gamers to a franchise low.

The game currently has an average score of 4.2 from the User section, based on 2747 ratings.

Fans have been showing their displeasure following the news of a limited Pokedex in Sword and Shield.

But there’s plenty of other feedback being shared about the first mainline Pokemon game on Switch too.

The game appears to be getting review-bombed, with users sharing scores of 0/10, driving down the average.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Sword and Shield have a Metascore of 81 in the official Critics section, based on 21 ratings.

Pocket Monsters from Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to be featured in the next Anime series.

This was confirmed earlier this month following the reveal of the first trailer. One of the new characters’s being introduced appears to be from the Galar region.

And he comes with a Pokemon from the game, with the starter Scorbunny featured in the official teaser.

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield Anime cameos are sure to help boost the game on Nintendo Switch.

Yamper is another Pokemon confirmed to be in the new Anime series, which begins its debut in Japan this week.

But it has also been confirmed that the latest series of the hit Pokemon show will not just focus on Pocket Monsters from the Galar region.

It appears that Ash and friends will be jumping between locations, meaning a good mix of different Pokemon will be featured.

But fans can probably still expect some good Galar region action when the show arrives in the UK in the future.

Game Freak has spoken more about the process of making new Pokemon for Sword and Shield and how they selected the varients for the new Galar region.

“There is no single process for coming up with new Pokémon designs, but instead there are lots of different approaches, which we believe leads to the wide variety of Pokémon designs,” Game Director Shigeru Ohmori reveals.

“For example, sometimes a designer will get an idea from the real-life region that the in-game region is based on.

“Other times, one of our game system designers makes a request for a certain type of Pokémon to better balance the battle system, which leads to an all-new Pokémon design.

“The initial idea for a Pokémon can come from anyone in the company, regardless of their job title, including those who aren’t in game development positions.

Commenting on the new Galar regional variants and new Evolutions, Ohmori adds: “The Galar region is based on the United Kingdom.

“We started by researching what kind of animals and wildlife exist in the UK and what kind of legends are told in the region.

“We then came up with ideas based on what we learned. For example, Zigzagoon was originally based on a badger but was more inspired by the kind of badgers you would find in Japan, which are brown in colour.

“Badgers in the UK have white and black colours on their fur, which gave us the idea for Galarian Zigzagoon’s design.”

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch.

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