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It came as a surprise to many, but a new Nintendo Direct is being held later today.

Having only recently announced a range of new games for the Switch console, Nintendo will be holding another to focus on a single franchise.

Like they have done in the past, today’s Nintendo Direct will cover all things Pokemon.

The announcement was pretty vague, meaning there is scope for several projects to be featured.

However, Nintendo has also said that today’s Direct event will be just seven minutes, meaning news could be limited to just one major title.

This is likely to be the new Pokemon RPG coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

So what time is the special Pokemon Nintendo Direct event kicking off, and how can I watch it?

The good news is that like past streaming sessions, Nintendo is making it easy to watch online.

The event is being held on several platforms, all of which are easy to access and use.

Fans will be able to head over to the Nintendo Direct website to catch all the latest announcements, or they can check out the company’s official YouTube channel.

The Pokemon Nintendo Direct will start at 2pm in the UK, and much earlier in the United States.

For those stateside, fans will need to be awake for 9am EST, or 6am PST. There’s also a countdown timer on the official YouTube page which will tell you how long until the event begins.

Here’s the official announcement from Nintendo, which confirms: “Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday 27th February at 14.00 GMT for roughly seven minutes of new information in a live-streamed Pokémon Direct presentation.

“To tune in, check out the Nintendo Direct website or the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, where the broadcast will be streamed.”

For those unable to watch live, the official Nintendo Twitter account will be sharing all the big news, along with whatever new trailers are featured.

Not much has been shared apart from this information before the event, meaning we can’t be certain what will be shown.

Fans are hoping that the new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch will receive a solid 2019 release date.

We can also expect news regarding Generation 8, as well as what region is being added to the Pokemon franchise.

Nintendo may also choose to keep things pretty tight, meaning they could also focus on a bunch of other stuff surrounding the well-loved franchise.

Seven minutes may sound like a long time to focus on one game, but the games giant may also choose to celebrate Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Go may also get a mention, although it seems unlikely to receive a lot of focus unless it has a connection to the new game somehow.

This could be through a new Pokemon like Meltan being released into the wild, or some other promotional vehicle.

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