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Pokemon Go Trainers are just days away from a new Pocket Monster release.

Pokemon update 0.135.0 appeared last night for a select group of players on Android and iOS.

This was quickly released, before being launched again earlier today by Niantic.

Data miners are currently exploring all the new changes introduced with the new patch, with one or two new items already confirmed.

But something that has caught fan attention more than anything is the new loading screen available in Pokemon Go.

This includes Smeargle, a Gen 2 Pokemon that has yet to be added to the game.

Smeargle does not evolve into any other form and is currently unavailable to catch in the wild.

Niantic appears to have held back on the release of Smeargle due to its unique ‘sketch’ move.

In the mainline Pokemon games, sketch gives Smergle the abilitiy to copy any more in the game.

It’s a useful advantage to have but isn’t something that can be easily translated for Pokemon Go.

But having hinted at its inclusion for some time, it appears Niantic are ready to introduce Smeargle to the popular mobile game.

This might be without its signature move, however, as no evidence has been found of such a move being added to the game yet.

This has set players off speculating over how this new loading screen could be hinting at future plans.

“With Mr. Mime in this pic and Mime Jr. in the promo pics earlier in the month… could this be a sign that Mr. Mime may lose his regional status and possibly become a photobomb pokemon?” One user writes online.

“Leaving Europe regional-less until Gen V or maybe have Pachirisu appear in Europe now as well?”

Another posted: “There’s a report of a “Photobomb” badge of some sort. I think you will get random encounters while using the photo mode.

“Smeargle may be exclusive to this to get people using the feature. I think Kecleon could make sense as well for this.”

With both Pokemon both featured in the loading screen taking a picture together, there’s a chance that Niantic is planning some kind of promotion with their new AR feature.

Previously, Trainers were limited to taking photos of Pokémon that they encountered in the wild.

With Go Snap, Trainers will have a wider range of stuff to do with their AR camera and Pokemon collection.

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