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The Sinnoh region legendary Water and Dragon-type Pokemon, Palkia, is coming to Pokemon Go.

The Gen 4 beast is set to become the new Raid boss later this week and will be available to battle for a whole month.

According to a new announcement from Niantic, Palkia will be the legendary raid boss to beat, starting from tomorrow, January 29.

Palkia will be available to raid against at around 9pm in the UK, meaning most fans will have to wait until Wednesday.

The Gen 4 legendary will appear in raid battles until February 28, and will likely be replaced by another high-powered opponent.

“A new arrival to raids will test your strength in 2019!” a message from Niantic confirms.

“The Water and Dragon-type spatial Pokemon, Palkia, will join raid battles across the world from January 29.”

The Pokemon Company lists Palkia’s weaknesses as Dragon and Fairy types and also confirms that it does not evolve.

Palkia is expected to have a CP level of around 2280 during normal weather and something even higher during windy or rainy effects.

This could go as high as 2850, depending on your luck when choosing a Gym to battle in.

Rayquaza is currently rated as one of the best Raid counters to deploy against Palkia, although that Legendary hasn’t been available to catch for a while.

For those who don’t have one of those lying around, there should be plenty of alternative choices from the Dragons you have in your collection.

Dragonite is another potential pick and is a Pokemon that has been available to add to your collection for longer.

The Pokemon Go Hub has these moves as confirmed for the Pokemon Go Palkia Raid Boss:

Draco Meteor is Palkia’s hardest move set. DM is super effective against all Dragon typed counters and makes the whole fight much harder (like 30% harder). Be very careful against this move; it will wipe you if you’re not careful.

Hydro Pump is almost as dangerous as Draco Meteor. It deals a lot of damage, has STAB and it’s a great move in general, especially when used by a raid boss. Luckily, most counters take neutral or reduced damage from Water attacks.

Fire Blast is Palkia’s easiest charge move, as it deals significantly less damage than Hydro Pump and Draco Meteor, plus it doesn’t have STAB effect.”

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