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Chinese New Year is increasing being marked by video games, from Fortnite to Hearthstone. So it is no surprise to see Pokemon Go also releasing a Chinese New Year 2019 tie-in. Pokemon Go is this year releasing some attractive bonuses and the appearance of 12 Pokemon celebrating the Year of the Pig.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has revealed the game’s Year of the Pig event runs from Monday, February 4, until 9.00pm GMT ( 1.00pm PCT) on Wednesday, February 13.

Pokemon Go player can expect to encounter increased spawn rates of the pocket monster equivalents to Chinese zodiac animals.

These 12 Pokemon are Rattata (Year of the Rat), Ekans (Year of the Snake), Mankey (Year of the Monkey), Ponyta (Year of the Horse), Electabuzz (Year of the Tiger), Dratini (Year of the Dragon), Mareep (Year of the Sheep), Miltank (Year of the Ox), Torchic (Year of the Rooster), Poochyena (Year of the Dog), Spoink (Year of the Pig), Buneary (Year of the Rabbit).

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Pokemon Go will also double catch XP and increase XP when evolving Pokemon in this period.

And if that was not enough, when a Pokemon is traded, there will be an increased likelihood it will become a Lucky Pokemon in the process.

Pokemon Go players also have the opportunity to encounter a Shiny Spoink and the differently coloured variant of the Psychic-type.

Instead of the Psychic-type’s original grey skin and pink ball, the Shiny Spoink has a peachy pink hue and balances a grey ball on its head.

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Spoink is a Gen 3 psychic type that evolves into Grumpig.

Niantic described Spoink: “It uses the black pearl on its forehead to control the opponent at will. It breathes heavily when it uses this power.”

The Pokemon Go Chinese New Year event will therefore be certain to keep players busy.

But Pokemon players area already eager to know what Niantic has in store for the coming weeks.

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So PoGo gamers will be happy to learn the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event will follow hot on the heels of the 2019 Chinese New Year event.

Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event naturally begins on Thursday, February 14

And the next Pokemon Go Community Day event – reportedly featuring Swinub – takes place on Saturday, February 16.

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