Poison Ivy Would Be a Perfect Villain for Gotham Knights


Pamela Isley’s Poison Ivy is more than deserving of an antagonist role in Gotham Knights with her own villain crime storyline to pursue.

Gotham Knights fans are lying in wait for more news to be shared about potential super-villain antagonists that may appear. So far, only Mr. Freeze has been confirmed as a classic antagonist of Batman’s and the Bat Family that players will go toe-to-toe with, besides the Court of Owls. But like any other open-world action-adventure or action-RPG, the game is sure to have a bunch of side quests and antagonists to pursue alongside Gotham Knights’ main narrative campaign.

In terms of which antagonists will appear, it is anyone’s guess. Gotham Knights is only a couple of months from its scheduled release date and WB Games Montreal has chosen to remain silent about who will make an appearance. It was only at SDCC last month that WB Games Montreal confirmed the Joker will not appear in Gotham Knights, but teased that it may feature Harley Quinn instead. But as for other antagonists who should be given a prominent antagonist role with their own villain crime storyline, Poison Ivy is more than deserving as a potential contender that may have already been teased.

Poison Ivy Has Likely Been Teased a Couple Times for Gotham Knights

The only time that Gotham Knights may have teased its supplementary antagonists was during an earlier promotional release with Gotham Gazette newspaper clippings. Any names included in these advertorial listings and columns were thoroughly combed at the time of their release in order to decipher whether they related back to anything in the DC mythology.

Unfortunately, nothing included in the Gotham Gazette or anywhere in a trailer or other release can be officially confirmed as an antagonist reveal until an actual announcement is made. But WB Games Montreal has to know that anything it puts out with potential reference to other characters will incite mass hysteria among fans, meaning that there may be something of significance within those early posts.

Pamela’s Café and Diner, for example, features a name that may be too specific to allude to anything or anyone else but Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy. Moreover, a connection to Ivy was discerned from Gotham Knights poster of the Flying Graysons at Haly’s Circus. This poster said the circus was taking place in Robinson Park. This is admittedly a much subtler and more obscure reference, but if it is indeed intended to reference Ivy then it demonstrates the developer’s attention to the source material for inspiration in its own original continuity.

Poison Ivy’s Pheromones and Flora Could Translate Well to Gameplay in Gotham Knights

There are several ways Poison Ivy could be conceptually adapted to the action-RPG gameplay of Gotham Knights. It is unknown whether every antagonist will have their own faction gang of minions for players to smack around, but if Poison Ivy is indeed an antagonist in Gotham Knights and also has her own faithful lackeys, her lackeys could be composed of mind-controlled GCPD officers or other goons who have succumbed to her alluring pheromones.

This has been a prolific part of her abilities in multiple iterations of the character, and it would make the most sense in a game like Gotham Knights, which will have several faction gangs, for Ivy’s gang to be made up of subservient Gothamites. As players progress through Ivy’s villain crime storyline, she would also need to be encountered at some point with her own attacks and patterns in boss fights. Here, Ivy could summon a plethora of sentient flora within her boss battle arena that defend her as players try to close the distance.

Gotham Knights feature myriad mini-boss brute enemies that carry a shield and need to have heavy strikes inflicted upon them to open them up to subsequent attacks. This beat-’em-up combat would position Gotham Knights well for some pugilistic super-villains, such as Bane or Killer Croc, but no other antagonists have been officially announced.

Gotham Knights is scheduled to release on October 25 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.


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