Paperbound Brawlers Tears Onto Nintendo Switch Later This Week


    Paperbound Brawlers arrives on Nintendo Switch this Friday, and it’s said to be bringing “gravity-defying, intense, and hilarious battles” along for the ride.

    In this game, magic has brought characters to life in the pages of a book and this has led to said characters taking each other on in crazy acrobatic battles (as you do). You’ll be wielding pencils, ink bombs, and scissors as weapons, with a variety of game modes such as ‘Gravity Ball’ and ‘Capture the Quill’ to keep you busy. You can check out the action in the trailer above.

    Paperbound Brawlers is an “expanded and improved” edition of Paperbound, which originally launched on Steam and PlayStation 4. As well as keeping the features from that initial version, this new release on Switch has added the following:

    • The new Gravity Ball game mode with a new arena and gameplay mutators
    • Beautiful new character art to give the combatants a more fearsome look.
    • A dynamic camera system that focuses in on the action

    Up to four players can play together on the same console, so those versatile little Joy-Con should come in handy when this one launches on 8th March (this Friday).

    Do you like the look of Paperbound Brawlers? Will you be giving it a go? Let us know in the comments.

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