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UPDATE: The Overwatch World Cup is now underway and kicked off with a South Korea win over the UK team.

The Group Stage include ten teams and is scheduled to run for the rest of today’s BlizzCon 2019 streaming time. For fans in the UK, this will mean staying up until nearly 4am on Saturday morning.

ORIGINAL: The World Cup remains a popular eSports event, even with the growing influence of the OWL.

And this weekend sees the best national teams from around the globe face-off over two days of action.

The teams selected to take part have already been tested during a lengthy qualifying stage and stand as the best national Overwatch squads available.

A total of 10 countries will be competing during the Group Stage being held today, including: Canada, China, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA.

And the question fans have been asking themselves – much like other years – is if South Korea can defend their title in the same impressive way as they did in 2018?

They’ll face stiff competition from the other higher seeds, and all the other teams will want to do everything they can to stop South Korea add yet another World Cup trophy to their cabinet.

“If you think maybe this is the year the team steps back, think again,” a new post from Blizzard reads.

“South Korea is, on paper, the most talented team at BlizzCon. This year’s roster features the 2019 Overwatch League Rookie of the Year and the 2019 Grand Finals MVP, plus two other Overwatch League champions.

“Topping all of that, the team is coached by Crusty, who just proved his bonafides by leading the Shock to the Overwatch League title.”

It’s going to take a considerable upset to wrestle the Overwatch World Cup from South Korea in 2019, with Canada, China, France and the United States in the best position to do so.


Group Stage Play is set to kick off later today, November 1, and will be available to watch on the Play Overwatch Twitch channel.

The action is set to start at 12:15 PT, but there’s always a good chance of the Blizzcon 2019 schedule running over.

For fans in the UK, the action should have started by 7:15pm GMT and is scheduled to run into the early hours of Saturday morning (02:45am GMT).

The teams that advanced from the play-in tournament will be seeded into two groups along with the first to fifth seed teams (South Korea, Canada, China, France, and USA).

Each team will play a three-map match against all the teams in their group. The top three teams by record will advance from each group with map differential as the tiebreaker.

A total of six teams will qualify for the Knockout Rounds, which will be held on the following day, November 2.

The action is scheduled to start at 10:15 a.m. PT, or 5:15pm GMT, if you’re watching from the UK.

The top six teams will begin bracket play, with the top two teams receiving a first-round bye.

Blizzard has confirmed that each match will be first to three map wins and the winners of the two second-round matches will advance to the gold-medal match.

Meanwhile, the losers of the second-round matches will compete for the bronze medal.

The Overwatch World Cup Finals are scheduled to run from 7:15pm – 9:00pm PT on Saturday, November 2.

For fans in the UK, this will mean a start time set of 1:15am on Sunday morning ending close to 4am.

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