Obsidian will “expand the story” of The Outer Worlds in new DLC next year • Eurogamer.net


“The journey isn’t over yet.”

There’s a story-based DLC heading to The Outer Worlds in 2020.

Obsidian’s social media manager Shyla made the announcement in a post on the official forums (thanks, GamesRadar+) as they thanked players for nominating the game for numerous accolades at last week’s The Game Awards.

Sadly, there are no further details about what we can expect just yet – nor when, precisely, the additional content will drop – but if you’ve been enjoying your time in Halcyon, at least you know DLC will “be expanding the story” next year.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team behind The Outer Worlds,” Shyla said. “It is because of their hard work and dedication to this project that we received the Best Narrative, Best Performance – Ashly Burch, Best RPG, and Game of the Year nominations at The Game Awards.

“To all of those who voted for us in The Game Awards, you are all fantastic and we are so grateful for your support,” they added. “The reception to The Outer Worlds has been unbelievable to see, and even just being nominated means a lot.

“However, the journey isn’t over yet as we are excited to announce that we will be expanding the story through DLC next year! Details will be made available at a later date.”

In Eurogamer’s review of The Outer Worlds, Edwin said he didn’t hate The Outer Worlds, but hated the fact “it’s sufficiently unhateful that you can spend 30 hours playing it without noticing. It’s solidly-made enough that you keep hanging around in the hope of something more, like a layer of catchy percussion that never quite escalates into a song. I guess to sum things up, I would like two features to be added to the game. One is a powerful suction cannon with infinite extra-dimensional storage, so I can just gather all the loot in one fell swoop. The other is the option to hand off dialogue decisions to one of my companions, because I have no strong feelings either way, comrades.”

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