Nintendo Switch Sports Golf Arrives This Holiday Season


In the lead-up to Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo promised two major free updates following the launch.

The first free update, which came out earlier this summer, added the ability to use the leg strap accessory for entire soccer matches instead of just shootouts. The second, a more anticipated free update is set to add a new playable sport to the package: golf. Originally set for release this fall, Nintendo today announced a small delay to the update, saying it now arrives this holiday season.

The Nintendo Switch Sports version of golf lets you tee up across 21 holes carried over from the Wii Sports series. You can play locally with other players or hit the links with up to eight players online in the new Survival Golf mode. In Survival Golf, whoever takes the most strokes each round is eliminated.

This free update to Nintendo Switch Sports arrives this holiday season.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available on: NintendoSwitch
Release Date: April 29, 2022


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