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The  could have a shock new rival, as Apple potentially looks to update a classic device.

It’s been speculated that the iPod Touch could be re-branded as a handheld gaming platform.

According to new reports, Apple has updated its iPod trademark ahead of a rumoured seventh-generation upgrade.

The iPod trademark now incorporates “hand-held units for playing electronic games” and “handheld game consoles” (via Gamingbolt).

While the iPod Touch has always had the capacity the play App Store games, the trademark filing suggests Apple will step up its gaming efforts.

If it comes in at a cheaper price point and runs Apple’s latest chipset, then it could spell trouble for the Nintendo Switch.

However, Nintendo is unlikely to be too worried about the news, especially with the Switch selling so well.

The Nintendo Switch is also more versatile than an iPod, allowing gaming fans to detach Joy-Cons in order to enjoy multiplayer games.

Then there are the first-party games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, which are unlike anything else out there.

It’s possible Nintendo Switch fans will have even more to get excited about if the rumoured Nintendo Direct takes place in January.

The January Nintendo Direct conference could also shed some light on the new Fire Emblem game, Animal Crossing Switch, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and the Gen 8 Pokemon title.

Bayonetta 3 could also make an appearance, perhaps alongside a Persona 5 port.

Nintendo is also rumoured to be working on a new Mario Maker title, as well as Super Mario Odyssey DLC.

Elsewhere, the company will almost certainly reveal new DLC characters for Super Smash Bros.

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