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Nintendo is reportedly getting ready to hold a surprise Direct conference next week.

Nintendo Switch fans will be interested to hear that the February 2019 Direct conference is tipped to take place on February 13.

That’s according to a new post on Resetera (via VG247), which hints at a February 13 surprise for Nintendo fans.

It’s possible February 13 is the day Nintendo announces the Direct, or actually holds the conference.

Either way, it’s worth checking back later this week for more information.

It’s especially worth checking out if you’re a Metroid fan disappointed with the recent Metroid Prime 4 delay.

According to the rumours, the Metroid Prime Trilogy will be announced for Switch during the imminent event.

Super Mario Maker 2 is also tipped for the Nintendo Switch, so it’s possible we’ll see that.

Nintendo will reportedly release 11 major new Switch games in 2019.

This includes four mystery new releases, two new eShop games, two potential Wii U ports, another Labo kit, the aforementioned Metroid Prime Trilogy and a secret game from Retro Studios.

Other contenders include the Pokemon RPG, a new 2D Zelda game and Pikmin 3.

As previously reported, files discovered by Kapu (via Nintendo Life) showed that 22 SNES games are being planned for the Nintendo Switch Online service.

This includes Super Nintendo heavyweights like Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and Super Metroid, as well as the ultra-rare Star Fox 2, Breath of Fire 2 and Pop’n Twinbee.

Nintendo has since added English and Spanish language descriptions of some of the games, which suggests a release is imminent.

The most likely scenario is that the SNES games will be officially confirmed during the Nintendo Direct conference.

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