Nintendo Inexplicably Deletes Popular Mario Maker Streamer’s Level



    GrandPOObear – popular Mario Maker level creator ever since the original game and general Mario speedrunner extraordinaire – has once again felt the pointy end of Nintendo’s moderation stick and had one of his levels for Super Mario Maker 2 deleted for unknown reasons. The streamer (real name David Hunt) has had this happen before with the original Super Mario Maker when all of his levels were inexplicably removed at once.

    As reported by Kotaku AU, his Super Expert course ‘Pile of Poo: Kai-Zero G’ has vanished from servers and Hunt received an email that he shared a screenshot of via Twitter:

    GrandPOObear Tweet

    Hunt’s ‘kaizo’ levels are notorious for their challenge, but his zero G creation seemingly contained no glitches or other ‘inappropriate content’ that Nintendo might object to. The only obviously questionable aspect of the level (besides the incredible difficulty that has us in a cold sweat after watching the video below) is its name: ‘Pile of Poo’. Hunt counters this argument, though, with the point that Nintendo permitted the re-uploading of his original Wii U levels containing the same name:

    It’s a shame to see the Mario Maker community continually butt heads with Nintendo over a game which has so much potential and already supports a large, inclusive following. Nintendo’s mysterious method of moderation allows the company to remove anything it takes issue with, but it’s frustrating when apparently innocent levels are removed without justification.

    Fortunately, Hunt’s popularity means there’s plenty of documented video material of the level for us to enjoy (see below, although be warned that it contains an amount of F-bombs commensurate to the level’s difficulty). Current policy means that Hunt would have to rebuild the level from scratch as there’s no way for him to re-upload an edited version, so for now there’s no way for you to test your mettle against this monstrous low-gravity creation.

    Have you come up against the mysterious Nintendo ban hammer while playing either iteration of Mario Maker? Let us know your thoughts and experiences with a comment.

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