New Overwatch 2 Interaction Shows Sombra Being Protective of Sigma


A short recording from Overwatch 2 reveals a new, curious interaction between Sombra and Sigma that could imply the two are friends.

Fans of Overwatch‘s story and lore were undoubtedly disappointed to hear that Overwatch 2‘s co-op experience would be delayed while its multiplayer launched first. PvE will be much more focused on telling stories within the Overwatch universe, after all, though Overwatch fans also know that there’s a lot of story and characterization to be found in Overwatch 2‘s multiplayer, too. In one interesting example, a new Overwatch 2 interaction between Sombra and Sigma may reveal a previously unknown friendship between the two.

In Overwatch 2, much like in Overwatch, when two characters are chosen and waiting in the lobby for a match to start, the game may prompt an audio interaction between the two. A clip from Overwatch 2 shows a brand-new interaction between Sombra and Sigma, in which the two discuss Talon and Moira wanting to run some “non-invasive tests” on everyone’s favourite Gravity Grandpa. Sombra, to much surprise, responds that Sigma should come to her if they “try anything.”

The interaction reveals that Sombra would be willing to protect Sigma if Talon or Moira decided to try and experiment on him. Further, that Sombra would even be willing to go against the will of Talon, her boss, to protect Sigma. Considering there’s been little to no relationship established between the two before, this newfound partnership is especially surprising.

As all good story snippets in Overwatch do, the revelation that Sigma and Sombra have a friendship beyond association in Talon leads to more questions than answers. Fans are wondering what kind of relationship Sombra and Sigma really have, how this friendship developed, and how Sombra’s distrust of Talon goes. Perhaps the most important thing is that if Blizzard is teasing this friendship now before Overwatch 2 has even released, it could mean something for the future of Overwatch‘s story.

It’s exciting that even a small interaction like what’s shown between Sombra and Sigma in this video can lead to such fun theorycrafting. Having Overwatch 2 so near opens up a lot of possibilities regarding storytelling, even if the PvE content is coming later. Of course, it could just be Overwatch fans hungry for any tidbit of additional content, too.

Luckily, it won’t be long before more and more content is added to Overwatch 2. Multiplayer for Overwatch 2 will launch on October 4, which is just three months out. In the meantime, Overwatch 2‘s beta will be live through July 18, and there could be more surprising content to discover beyond this interaction.

Overwatch 2 releases October 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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