MultiVersus Dataminers Have Gained Access To A New Original Character


This OC has a strange connection to Naruto somehow.

MultiVersus dataminers have gained access to an unannounced original character named Ninja.

As you’ve probably seen by now, MultiVersus is a pretty leaky game, even having most of its roster and details leaked before it was even properly announced. Since then, closed technical tests and alphas have given dataminers the chance to comb through the game to figure out a ton of upcoming content.

Although most of these leaks have been centred around Warner Bros. properties and third-party characters, some of the leaks have mentioned more original characters like Reindog. Two more have been found in the files, one named Brute which focuses on heavy attacks, and another named Ninja that uses jutsu to move around and kunai for fast attacks.

Until now, we only knew about these two characters because of art and code left within the game referencing them and some of their moves, but that’s all changed thanks to Twitter user LusiaMV. Somehow they’ve managed to get Ninja’s model and moves to work within MultiVersus, although the character is still clearly early on in development as the movements are a bit jagged and unfinished.

It appears that LusiaMV has imported the files onto another character, as Steven Universe is still shown as the player character. We also get a good look at Ninja’s moves, which include the ability to create shadow clones and use jutsu to teleport around the map, as well as using kunai. If that sounds similar to Naruto, that’s because it is. Curiously, when using the jutsu move to teleport, you can actually see Naruto’s sealing jutsu on the piece of paper that Ninja uses. Whether that’s just a cute reference or something more isn’t clear.

Also of note is the background within the video, which shows the Eye of Sauron prominently in the background, curious considering there are no officially announced Lord of the Rings characters yet (although Gandalf has been leaked) previously). There’s also a glider that many are mistaking for Aang’s from Avatar, but is apparently a reference to Gizmo’s new HBO Max show.


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