Modern Warfare 2 player discovers scope with “built-in flash bang”


The Raptor-FVM40 scope has one listed con, which unintentionally serves as an advantage.

Modern Warfare 2 players slammed the developers over “blinding” sniper scope glint. The feature is intended to hinder snipers, revealing their location when aiming down sight. However, MW2’s abnormally large flashes of light actually make it more challenging to pinpoint an enemy’s location.

Choosing the right scope to use usually comes down to personal preference, but unexpected advantages change the equation. For example, JGOD unearthed the SZ Holtherm optic, which provides holographic vision immune to the Cold Blooded perk.

This time around, the Raptor-FVM40 scope comes with a listed con of “very large sniper glint.” In reality, the glint comes in handy for masking your location while aiming down sight.

Modern Warfare 2 players have complained about annoying sniper glints.

Modern Warfare 2 player unearths “massive scope buff”

A Modern Warfare 2 player claims they “found the scope that gives you a flashbang.”

The Raptor-FVM40 gives users a bullet drop indicator, 13x magnification, and increased aim down sight with the lone downside of a very large sniper glint.

viral clip surfaced showcasing the scope’s power. In other FPS games, you can usually fire directly at a sniper glint and get the kill. The Raptor’s glare is so large, it creates a larger margin for error for the player attempting to fire back.

One user responded, “The biggest lens flare is actually a massive buff to the shooter.”

A second player added about the large glint, “makes it so annoying to counter-snipe someone who has been sitting there. I can’t believe they okayed this decision.”

Battlefield utilizes sniper glints, and the design choice makes sense because the game features large-scale maps. It’s easier to miss a sniper in a large environment, so the split-second glare could save your life. For a much smaller game like 6v6 Modern Warfare 2, sniper glints act more as a flash in some instances than a way to locate sniper users.

“I feel like they made these scopes only with Warzone in mind. Obviously, this would be a disadvantage on a massive map sniping at the range or engaging a squad/player from distance. It reveals your location. However, it becomes an advantage at anything >

If you are still grinding camos for sniper or marksman rifles, give this scope a try for instant results.


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