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‘s Marshmello-themed Showtime event has added new challenges ahead of this weekend’s concert.

The Fortnite Showtime event features a new set of challenges that must be completed to unlock Marshmello-themed items.

This includes a new spray, Keep it Mello emote and Marshmello Harvesting Tool.

The event will seemingly culminate with a Marshmello concert on February 2 at 7pm in the UK.

The first challenge tasked players with searching a Showtime poster, followed by a second in which players must visit the Showtime Venue.

The third and final challenge tasks players with “keeping it mello” at a trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlour and a frozen lake.

Fortunately, this is pretty easy if you know where to look.

For the first part of this challenge you’ll have to complete the and unlock the Keep it Mello emote.

Once you’ve got that, you’ll need to visit the trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlour and a frozen lake

The trucker’s oasis and ice cream parlour are both pretty close together. The oasis can be found on G9 of the map, while the ice cream palour is on I7.

The frozen lake, meanwhile, is all the way on the other side of the map, specifically on C7.

Check out the map above for the exact map locations.

The Fortnite Marshmello Festivus challenges in full…

• Search a Showtime Poster

• Use Keep It Mello at a trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlour and a frozen lake

• Visit the Showtime Venue

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