Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi Turns Sora into a Heartless When He Dies


The recently-released Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi holds a unique surprise when Sora dies, with a fan revealing he becomes a Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts fans have discovered something a bit creepy: when Sora dies in the Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi, he becomes a Heartless. The discovery was recently made and shared online and fellow fans are intrigued by the revelation.

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi was a surprise announcement back in March, with pre-orders set to ship in October. Those shipments have now arrived for some buyers, and as a result, fans are sharing footage of their digital Kingdom Hearts pals. Most people who have owned or played with a Tamagotchi for a prolonged period of time have probably seen at least one die, as is most common when a Tamagotchi becomes unhappy and neglected. However, in this particular instance, something special happens when Sora ‘dies.’

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi fan shared a brief video showing what happened when their Sora died in the game. Instead of being replaced by a grave marker or something similar, Sora transforms into a Heartless. However, anyone with aspirations of keeping and caring for a Sora Heartless are out of luck; once he transforms, as with a normal Tamagotchi dying, it’s essentially game over, and the player’s only option is to start over from the beginning.

It’s an interesting twist on the iconic game over that most Tamagotchi get. However, there are some remaining mysteries that have yet to be discovered by fans. For example, players can unlock additional characters to raise and care for. Whether every character turns into a Heartless or not, or if their Heartless forms are unique, remains to be seen. However, it probably won’t take long before someone finds out and shares it with the internet. While the logical path of playing with a Tamagotchi is to care for it as well as possible to prevent this kind of ending, there’s always players who aspire to see everything there is to see in a game, including all the ways a playable character can die or a game over screen can transpire.

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi probably isn’t a combination of games that anyone saw coming, but it seems that the devices were designed with a lot of creativity. The devices notably differ in other ways from traditional Tamagotchi too, allowing players to not only provide food and entertainment for their Kingdom Hearts pal, but also the ability to participate in minigames and fight off attacking Heartless. Whether players have ever tried a Tamagotchi or not, this portable toy seems like it’s got plenty to delight fans of Kingdom Hearts built in.


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