Kickstarter Project: The Drowned War

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A pen & Paper Table Top Role-playing game set in a flooded world.

Game Geeks News are proud to bring you another amazing project currently running on Kickstarter. Born in North Carolina, Dustin Allen Smith has been a writer and avid storyteller for most of his adult life. He is also an avid gamer and founder of Star City Savages, a small RPG (Role Playing Game) company and the author of The Drowned War, an RPG game setting for the Savage Worlds game system.

Welcome to The Drowned War, a flooded world where refugees sink or sink in the Lost Sea.

The Drowned War uses the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Roleplaying System (SWADE). This setting adds additional rules, Edges, Hindrances, and new options for science fiction and horror.

Dustin and his team are bringing their project to Kickstarter to fund layout, artwork, and editing for their forthcoming setting book.

The Drowned War is a Flooded World Apocalypse setting book that uses the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE). Star City Savages is a Licensed Third Party ACE.

Inspired by speculative fiction and horror writers such as Robert Chambers, HP Lovecraft, JD Ballard, Ray Bradbury, and Phillip K Dick. It includes character options, setting rules, and strange creatures that can be used to run campaigns featuring biopunk, cyberpunk, dystopian, apocalyptic, science fiction, and horror themes.

The Drowned War includes New Edges and Hindrances and introduces Cybernetic Augmentation & Genetic Spliceware to expand character creation options to the next level.


Want to create Super Heroes? Robots? Walking Coral Colonies or Fox people? Not only can you select options at character creation, but with rules for Cyberware and Spliceware, your refugee can grow and change them into something truly unique.

The Drowned War is already is in the final editing and layout process. This means delivery of the Core PDF within months of funding and the physical products soon after.


Risks and challenges:
Star City Savages feels confident their products will be delivered on time and with high standards, but of course, any number of issues may arise and would be handled to the best of our ability.


For more information and to help fund this amazing kickstarter, please visit their page here.








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