Kickstarter Project: Soaring Tales of Skylines

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Soaring Tales of Skyline is a simulator that tells a fairy tale from the dirtiest corner of a pearl. The time is set in the 70s, and everything has scattered after a failed coupe that. And somewhat gold breaths the turmoil. You are an ordinary entrepreneur that wished for golds and the rest is or your side.

This isn’t like any game. It’s your own version of the Cinderella.

From a dirty industrial building to fancy suites in Sai Kung, it’s up to you. From land bidding to building, and selling, you are the one who decides everything!

You either become a superman or become broke, being written on the storybook as a sore loser.

Game Development:
As the game is a real estate simulator, the game will be based on H.K. with developers and buildings from local to international. Everything rabies and the system might become quite complicated, we apologize about that. Here are some highlights:


We made many of models for the game:

50+ Buildings from different generations(include apartment, mall and commercial office)
Vehicles from different generations.

Free to choose your partners 

Partners include design studio, contractor, promoter and elevator provider and soon, prices varies, and as an old saying in Chinese, “一分錢一分貨”, you might suffer a lot when you’re trying to cut cost!

Special designs with inspiration around the globe

As Hong Kong is one of the famous international centres, buildings are beautiful and somewhat ahead of time and never looks old. Our building will take notes from glorious buildings, from Hong Kong to London and New York, to make our buildings stand out from scratches.

Stretch Goals:

1. Story Mode
You’re in charge of an old Hong, suffering from financial problem. You’re new and raw, desperate on bouncing back (like the useless HKSAR government). However, you were aided with your assistant and bought land but the worst situation anyone can imagine. And it’s upon you to be the ‘Last Manager of Hong’ or the ‘Greatest Manager of All Time’

This game mode will be developed at HKD$100,000 Goal, And everyone who helped to make this dream come true before $100,000 will earn themselves a wallpaper, and Pledge levels as or higher than HKD$1500 will earn themselves a physical sketch of your favourite character.

2. Multiplayer Mode
The horizon borders As the game competition is not ordinary AIs, but real-life players. Everything spices up, from bidding or acquisition like the classic in incidence 1970s called as ‘置地飲牛奶’, HK Land Holding’s acquisition of Daily Farm. And you can also be involved with anything system callous and illegal while not letting the governing body realize anything.

This game mode will be developed at HKD$200,000, and everyone who helped to make this dream come true before HKD$200,000 will an early acquisition pass of one of our collab items (Shh!) and even discounts. On collab items!

3.Seiyuu (for Story Mode)
Imagine this: Your favourite Seiyuu is now voicing the characters that you like. And the Seiyuus might ever record a fan message for YOU! This will be enabled when we luckily reach suppose HKD$1,000,000 target. And seiyuus can be chosen by YOU!

We already prepared somewhat a lot of seiyuus and some of then are relatively unknown to the audiences. But I guarantee that they will be the one fits the characters. Some of them even dubbed in famous Galgames or famous Animation which didn’t gain their attention. You can also suggest some Seiyuus for us to know (as long as we keep the cost as low as possible), You can check out this list as you buy the game, and even vote for your favourites! And for HKD$2,000 or above, you can earn yourself a Seiyuu message!

To back this fantastic new kickstarter and check out the rewards from funding this project visit the project page here.



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